Read: Why This Kadashian Feels Neglected

Kendall Jenner Kadashians20 year old Kendall Jenner who is probably the busiest member of her famous family. She feels her family has forgotten about her. The Keeping Up With The Kadashians reality star and super model has been busy model jetting across the continent to take part in photo-shoots, catwalks and campaigns for some of the biggest and well-known designer labels. Kendall Jenner expressed her anger in the latest episode of Keeping Up With The Kadashians.

 She complained about how her sisters had forgotten about her existence simply because she is always away. She slammed her sisters for not making arrangements to meet up with her when they were in the same city with her. She stated “it really annoys me when you come to the city and don’t hang out with me. You forget about me..I don’t want to be forgotten because I have work to do.”

KadashiansHer mum Kris Jenner agreed to what her daughter said and had a word with Kendall’s  elder sisters Kourtney, Kim, Khloe and younger sister Kylie about the need for them to give Kendall extra love whenever she’s back in town. The sisters paid heed to their mum’s advise and later broke into Kendall’s home to decorate it for a surprise welcome home party to prove that never meant for their sister to deal left out.

After discovering that Kendall feels “left out,” her sisters decide to surprise her with a girls’ night at Kourtney’s house.

“The last thing we want Kendall to feel is that she’s left out,” Kourtney says. “And so we want to throw her this little surprise girls’ night so that we can all be together. We really want her to know how valuable having sister time is when she is in town.”

“I love that my sisters put together a little care package and that we’re all gonna have kind of a girls’ night together,” Kendall says. “The second we see each other everything kind of falls back into place and we’re always normal and we have fun. And I guess in the future I’ll just let them know that I’m in town more ahead of time and we can make time for each other.”